Archie Weller, Mudrooroo & Aboriginal Identy

An essay by Garry Foley

In a recent edition of the Sydney Morning Herald an article appeared which discussed ‘the controversy surrounding what constitutes Aboriginality in the arts’, and in particular the ‘outing’ of Mudrooroo, fellow writer Archie Weller and academic cum political activist Dr. Roberta Sykes, as being not of Aboriginal ‘blood’.  Furthermore, to further confuse and complicate matters, a few months earlier Aboriginal woman author Wanda Koolmartrie turned out to be a white man, Leon Carmen and WA artist Eddie Burrup was revealed to be a white woman, Elizabeth Durak. All of these matters have generated a debate about ‘Aboriginality’ and what precisely is meant by the term. I propose in this essay to examine the case of Mudrooroo, as he is an old friend of mine and also because he has written a response to the accusations made against him. In discussing Mudrooroo I also intend to examine some of the broader questions about Aboriginality and identity raised by Marcia Langton….. More Here

mongrel Samples from Mongrel Signatures: Reflections on the Work of Mudrooroo Cross Cultures 64 (2003)

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Mudrooroo | A Critical Study
Adam Shoemaker

ETT Imprint, 1993

ISBN 0 207 17976 X
181pp, Only AU$9.95

Includes a complete bibliography to 1993, a fascinating interview with the author, and the best critical analysis of his work to The Kwinkan.

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