Non – Fiction

Writing from the Fringe

A Study of Modern Aboriginal Literature
Hyland House, 1990

Us MobOrder Now

Angus & Robertson, 1995
ISBN 0207188181
AU$20.66 – Order Now

Mudrooroo crosses the cultural divide to speak to all Australians about the Aboriginal people, their place in the present and the hopes and aspirations for the future. Keenly felt, vigourously argued and compelling in its sweep, the provoactive essays in Us Mob range across the full spectrum and is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the reality of Indigenous Australia in this post-Mabo age.

Indigenous Literature of Australia | Order Now

Milli Wangka

Hyland House, 1997

ISBN 1864470143

240pp, $26.95

Aboriginal Mythology

An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend

HarperCollins, 1994

ISBN 1855383063

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