Wild Cat Falling

This is the story of an Aboriginal youth, a “bodgie” of the early 1960s. He grows up on the ragged outskirts of a country town, falls into petty crime, goes to gaol and comes out to do battle, once more, with the society that put him there.

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Long Live Sandawarra

Quartet Books, 1979

Hyland House, 1987

ISBN 0947062017


Doctor Wooreddy’s Prescription For Enduring The Ending Of The World

ISBN 0947062025208pp, $21.95

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Doin Wildcat

Part novel, part script as an American filmmaker decides to shoot the Aboriginal story of Wildcat, a drifter turned screenwriter. A Novel Koori Script. Hyland House, 1988

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In Paperbark

A Collection of Black Australian Writings

Ed Jack Davis, et al

UQP, 1990

Master of the Ghost Dreaming

Imprint, 1991

ISBN 0207189927


Wildcat Screaming

Imprint, 1992

ISBN 0207190089



The Kwinkan

Imprint, 1993

ISBN 0207190720


The Undying

Angus & Robertson, 1998

ISBN 020719744X

Underground | Order Now

Angus & Robertson, 1999

ISBN 0207197601

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