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Welcome to Mudrooroo’s Ofiicial website. We are undergoing some changes so please be patient. The full site will be back shortly with new images, books and articles.

Mudrooroo is one of the most fascinating authors writing in or about Australia, continually testing the boundaries of fiction and of Aboriginality over the past forty years.

Thanks for calling, enjoy your stay.

4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Ancy

    this site proved to be useful for me. I am a Ph.D scholar in Gandhigram Rural University Tamil Nadu,India.My research topic is “A study. of select australian texts as counter-histories.one of the texts I have taken up is Mudrooroo’s Doctor Wooreddy,s Prescription for enduring the ending of the world. Hope u can enrich this website with more articles and writeups on him. I wish if Icould get his mail ID for clarifying certain facts

  2. simona

    hi, i’m an italian student and i’m writing a thesis about contemporary aborigins.i would like to ask some questions to mr mudrooroo.is it possible?please answer me

  3. Bill

    Dear Mr.Mudrooroo

    Hello I am a Korean year 12 student studying at Gold Coast Queensland. I have got a English Literature assignment, which is to choose a novel and discuss with literature view points and theories.
    I asked my staff and he suggested me to read Mr.Mudrooroo’s Wild Cat Falling. Week ago I finished reading the novel and decided to choose worldview centred reading approach to analyse the text, as it is discussion about the ideologies and social background of the author’s and reader’s society.

    However, I am having some trouble on collecting data about the Aboriginals ideology in 1960′s Australia; I couldn’t find out any document about how Aboriginals were marginalised and silenced by white Australians during 1960′s.
    So I wish to receive some information about historical background.
    Furthermore it will be very helpful if you can assist me with identifying the parts of the novel which reflects your personal life or experience. Because in my English Extension assignment there is a part where I have to identify and to discuss what is the author’s intention of writing the novel, main message, unexpected message (The text you wrote without intention but readers comprehend in different way). If I can receive those resources it will be very helpful.

    Thank you for reading my lengthy comment.
    and I will look forward to your earlies reply.
    Thank you Mr.Mudrooroo


  4. Nick Athanasou

    Hi Mudrooroo, I just have a few questions about your book Wildcat Falling.

    What gave you the idea for Wildcat ?

    Was Wildcat based on you ?

    Did you experience racism as a child like Jesse Duggan’s boy?

    What did it feel like in 1967 when you officially became a citizen?

    Was the experience faced by Jesse Duggan’s boy common ?

    How did you feel when writing this book? Did you know it would be so successful?

    Did you have any experiences with people like June?

    Do you have a name in mind for Jesse Duggan’s boy?

    How does Jesse Duggan’s boy change his views towards jail so quickly?